Derby Without Borders


Skating Out of Bounds is a project dedicated to highlighting international derby. Through our shared community of skating we can cross boundaries, cultures and language. Derby has a way of bringing together some of the most magical, strong, and generous people the world has to offer.


The Roller Derby World Summit that took place in Manchester in April 2017. The conference had many amazing discussions, including a panel of skaters from emerging regions for derby. Each of them spoke to the barriers for their own leagues when it comes to building up derby somewhere new. One theme that came up across the panel was access to gear. While the reasons each area struggle accessing gear are unique, the overarching need remains the same.


And that’s how the Derby Without Borders project was born!

Our project started small and is continuing to grow! We have been able to send gear donations to Sailor City Rollers in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Golden City Roller Derby in Johannesburg, South Africa, The Cairollers, in Cairo, Egypt, Toxic Lima, in Lima Peru, and Kyoto Roller Derby in Kyoto, Japan. 

Donations have gone on to serve both veteran skaters who are due for some new items and new skaters who are just getting started. The hope is that the donations can help ease some of the difficulty in recruiting and retaining skaters.

Huevos of Sailor City Rollers shares a little bit about her league and the barrier in access to gear:

"Sailor City has roughly 50 committed skaters and 20 collaborators and officials. One of the main issues here is getting affordable skates and gear, and some of our teammates had to stop skating for several months due to gear related issues. It is really difficult to involve new skaters because of how hard it is to get the gear just to start. Some of our own skaters donated some skates and gear, we recycle them as much as we can, but its get short."

We have been fortunate to receive a great amount of support for the project even from it's very small beginning. Master Blaster and Quad Skate Shop, Smarty Pants and Strong Athletic, and SISU mouth guard have all contributed largely to the success of the project and that list continues to grow. We couldn't have done it without them! 


We hope that the Derby Without Borders program can continue to grow and evolve to help keep derby living and ever changing all over the world.